5 Personality Traits for PMP Professionals

The 5 TraitsSuccessful project management professional should be able to oversee implementation of a project from the beginning to the end. They need to have the ability to ensure that all the stakeholders in the project are involved effectively to ensure that all the goals set are met in an effective way within the stipulated time. A PMP certification holder should have the right knowledge, experience, analytical skills and possess the following personality traits.


Effective PMPs are visionary. They have the ability to view the big picture and never lose the sight of the goals set. The professional should be able to break down the large objectives into small and manageable ones. They have the ability to remain focused throughout the project implementation process without getting distracted with irrelevant issues. They have the ability to see the trees and forest at the same time.

Efficient and Organized

Good project management professionals are efficient and organized. This means they possess high-level time management skills, punctuality and meet the deadline set effectively. Such professionals have the talent to differentiate between what is and what is not essential. At all times, they get perfect solutions to problems that arise and know the right time to cut their losses and stop implementing a strategy when it fails to work.

Reliable and Honest

Responsible, honest and reliable; are important traits for a project manager. The manager should mean what he or she says say what they mean. The members of the project team should respect the PMP loyalty and integrity. The manager should consistently fulfill the promises made and holds others accountable in an equitable and fair way if they feel to meet the expectations.

Good Communicator

Effective and clear communication is vital. An effective manager ensures that stakeholders and team members updated about all the information they require and carry out consultations with them. He or she should ask questions and listens to the answers provided. The manager is receptive to new suggestions and ideas that can help move the project forward in the right manner. In addition, they share the reasons behind their actions and decisions.

Leadership Abilities

A PMP should have excellent leadership skills. He or she should have the ability to for a cohesive team where all the members support and help each other. The manager should know how to delegate tasks according to the knowledge they have. In addition, they are optimistic and enthusiastic.

Is Project Management Certification Right For You?

Right For YouProject management certification is a great addition to your resume if you are seeking a managerial position. The Project Management Institute is the only accredited body that offers a standard course to students through various charters worldwide. The prospective project managers must be tested on five essential elements which include initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and closing of a given project. Usually, the exam includes 200 multiple questions which are used to grade applicants on their proficiency before they are certified. In order to qualify for a project management certification, applicants should at least possess a high school diploma, bachelor’s degree or gained five years experience managing various projects.

According to the Project Management Salary survey, managers who have a project management certification are paid higher salaries compared to other employees at the same level. Fields such as IT are in high demand of certified project managers mostly because it involves a lot of tedious schemes that must be completed within a short time frame. Hence, certified project managers have a bargaining advantage to ask for a higher salary than non-PMP managers. In fact, certified project management professionals earn 10 to 15 percent higher salary than non-credited workmates.

In most cases, PMP certificate holders tend to be favored whenever searching for a job. Since, some employers have a strict policy of only accepting certified project managers due to the nature of the work. Therefore, it is important for PMP qualified applicants to always indicate that they are PMP certified at the top of their resume.

However, PMP certification is not only helpful to those seeking to get hired, but, also to employers or business owners. In order to partake in a PMP course, applicants are required to have attained between 3 years to 5 years of managing various programs. In the long term, prospects are able to oversee their own businesses without the need of a second party. For instance, a hotel owner who is PMP certified can review and calculate the budget of a marketing campaign project without the risk of getting ripped off.

Although Project management certification is somewhat expensive and time-consuming, it is necessary especially for those who want to advance in their careers. In fact, most high paying tenders from the government require PMP certified applicants to improve the success rate of a project. PMP certification is quite flexible since registration and examination can be done online.